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Overview A fuel efficient answer in the commercial vehicle (CV) range, SML Isuzu Supreme BS-III is a lightweight truck built to carry heavy movable... SML ISUZU SUPREME BS-III -2010


A fuel efficient answer in the commercial vehicle (CV) range, SML Isuzu Supreme BS-III is a lightweight truck built to carry heavy movable goods on Indian roads.

An advanced model developed for contemporary transit requirements, the truck can support all types of businesses in transporting a variety of loads starting from general utility goods and construction material to light machine parts, barrels, and boxes. Promising longevity and stability on the road, this fine piece of machinery is loaded with a powerful engine, heavy duty gear box, and a bigger clutch.

Fitted with the very best in trucking technology, Supreme BS-III comes in eight different variants to cater to all kinds of business requirements. Fuel efficiency being one of the key highlights, this truck also has features that guarantee less driver fatigue and better comfort while on the road for several hours at a stretch.


Engine & Displacement: SLT3 & Numeral, 3455 cc

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): 8000 kgs

Wheelbase & Turning Radius: 2815/3335 mm & 2750/3200 mm

Engine and Performance

A powerful SLT3 & Numeral engine with a displacement of 3455 cc promises a higher pickup and higher torque (270Nm @ 1750-2000rpm) at lower RPM. Backed by four engine cylinders and a 5-speed gearbox, SML Isuzu Supreme BS-III can go up to a maximum speed of 95 km/hr. Further, the vehicle has been designed as per the BS-III emission norms to regulate air pollution. A 90 litres fuel tank lets you traverse long distances and remote areas that lack refueling stations.

Vehicle Built and Load Capacity

A gross vehicle weight of 8000 kgs and kerb weight of 2750 kgs support a payload capacity of 5250 kgs. The vehicle is sold in eight variants 3335/HALF DECK, 3335/SEMI DECK, 3335/HSD, 2815/HSD, 2815/CAB, 2815/HALF DECK, 3335/CAB and 2815/SEMI DECK. With an axle configuration of 4 x 2 and wheelbase options of 2815 mm and 3335 mm, the vehicle has a ground clearance of 206 mm. A decent gradeability of 22% helps the vehicle cruise basement slopes, elevated roads, and bridges.

Handling and Suspension

Powered with a mechanical steering and a turning radius of 2750/3200 mm, you can easily maneuver the vehicle on the road. SML Isuzu Supreme BS-III has an advanced front and back Semi Elliptical type Multi leaf spring suspension and a 260 mm dia., Single plate diaphragm type clutch promising easy maneuverability and stability.

Braking and Safety

Underlining the significance of effective braking system on the safety of a vehicle, the makers of this lightweight CV have incorporated hydraulic brakes and parking brakes. Technologically advanced front and back axles result in effective braking and steering, thus helping drivers control the vehicle easily and conveniently. Taking the safety factor a notch higher, SML Isuzu Supreme BS-III comes loaded with power steering for effortless navigation, even under extreme circumstances.

Design and Comfort

The box type chassis design with tubular cross members increases the load bearing capacity of the truck and provides better strength and rigidity. To ensure maximum driver comfort, especially during long hauls, the truck offers superior cabin features. Steering comes with variable gear ratio and the cabin has roof ventilation—attributes that ensure less driver fatigue and a good driving experience.

Spare parts are easily available at a reasonable price and the high durability vehicle thrives on low maintenance for years and years. SML Isuzu Supreme BS-III with the best-in-class design, superior comfort and safety, and a good payload capacity is sure to ride the Indian trucking arena as a popular choice of many.


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