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Mahindra unveils an entirely new product in the “pick-up” segment in the name of Bolero Maxi.It sports out handy power steering and ultra-chassis performance... MAHINDRA BOLERO MAXI – 2013


Mahindra unveils an entirely new product in the “pick-up” segment in the name of Bolero Maxi.It sports out handy power steering and ultra-chassis performance giving raise to impressive performance over ride. Also, with its flat-bed cargo box that helps in lumbering heavy loads effortlessly .Bolero Maxi proves out to be well-styled utility vehicle. Mahindra’s trademarks of high durability, reliability and strict adherence to quality standards gets reflected in the Bolero Maxi Truck.

Built and Styling:
Unlike other trucks,Bolero Maxi truck gives a stylish look with its macho “sabre-tooth” front grille and elegant headlamps.The interior also looks cool with the tastefully designed dashboard with integrated glove-box and an attractive instrumental panel and cluster,thus could be seen as a benchmark in the commercial vehicle segment.Further it boasts of spacious cabin as like that of big trucks.The passengers feel cozy with the fabric seats,thus enabling them to have comfortable long trip.Considering the safety of the passenger features like sturdy front-nose,strong chassis and large wheelbase have been offered.Also,these features tend to provide the stability of the truck,thus making the truck to endure with steep terrains ,despite of heavy loaded that is being piled up.It has been built in such a manner to cover long distances carried with heavy loads without any breakdown.The color option that is left with the customer is the white diamond.Strong build and finish quality tends to enhance the styling quotient.

Engine and Performance:
The MDI engine with the displacement measuring up to 2523 cc drives the Bolero Maxi at the maximum power of 62 bhp at 3200 rpm.Also,smooth transportation of heavy loads is made easy with the impressive torque of 182.5 Nm of torque produced between 1500-18000rpm.The engine gets mated to a 5-speed synchromeshed manual transmission unit comprising of 5 forward and 1 reverse gear thus getting added to the enhanced performance.The robust chassis and the rigid leaf-spring suspension also gives its part of contribution to the unmatched performance. The truck can be loaded with heavy freight without affecting the efficiency of the truck in any way. This is achieved through the means of rigid fork with semi-elliptical leaf springs, with anti-roll bar at front and rigid forks with semi-elliptical leaf springs in the rear.

Moreover, the telescopic, hydraulic double-acting shock absorbers have its impact in making the NVH levels acceptable ,that is experienced through the smooth glide over bumpy terrains. Good stoppage power is gained with the support of the efficient braking system,that comprises of disc brake in the front and drum brakes in the rear.Mahindra Bolero maxi assures low maintanance that mainly arises due to the 15-inch tires which helps in reducing the wear and tear to a greater extent and also tends to increase the stability.

The company comes forward to offer a 3-year warranty that appears as a boon to the customers, since this provision is more than enough for stand operators and small and medium scale business and traders across India,to stay ahead . Further it boasts of of extensive spare parts availability and Mahindra’s wide spread network for service support. Pricing competitively at Rs 4,44,000,it is likely to be the king in the pick-up strategy.


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