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Overview Bharatbenz is a heavy vehicle manufacturing Indian unit of popular automotive group Daimler-Benz, of which the Mercedes cars are known to all. The... BHARATBENZ 914 TRUCK – 2013


Bharatbenz is a heavy vehicle manufacturing Indian unit of popular automotive group Daimler-Benz, of which the Mercedes cars are known to all. The company is striving to conquer the truck market in India, which is currently being ruled by the likes of Tata, Mahindra and Eicher.

The company truck in different load categories and of the famous one is 914, which is middle-weight load category, but offers decent performance and comfort. It is available in 3 wheelbase options of 3,760 mm, 4,250 mm and 4,800 mm and body types of High Side Deck, Fixed Side Deck, Container, Reefer Van and Drop Side Deck.

As far as applications of this truck are concerned, well, it could practically transport everything for its owner like general goods, construction material, mechanical components and others except the liquids like fuel or gas.


Engine: 4D34i Compression Ignition 4-Cylinder 3907cc Diesel

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): 9,600 kg

Wheelbase & Turning Radius: 3,760 mm, 4,250 mm and 4,800 mm & 7,300 mm, 7,650 mm and 7,800 mm

Power Steering: Hydraulic Power Assisted

Engine and Performance

Bharatbenz 914 has been powered by a 4D34i Compression Ignition 3907 4-Cylinder Inline diesel engine that could easily belt out 132.6 bhp power @ 2,500 rpm and 420 Nm torque @ 1,500 rpm. Mated with 6-speed manual transmission system, it can go up to the top speed of 80 km/h and gradeability of 18.5% in 1st gear. It has standard BS III emission norms and comes with single plate Hydraulic Actuated clutch to further improve the driving.

Vehicle Built and Load Capacity

Bharatbenz 914 is available in 3 body variants namely, CBC, FSD, HSD with overall length 6,985 mm, 2,135 mm width and 2,420 mm height for 3,760 mm Wheelbase of body type CBC; 7,185 mm length, 2,250 mm width, 2,420 mm height for same (3,760 mm) wheelbase of FSD and HSD body type; 7,585 mm length, 2,135 mm height, 2,420 mm width for CBC body type for wheelbase 4,250 mm; 7,795 mm length, 2,250 mm width and 2,420 mm height for FSD and HSD body type with 4,250 mm wheelbase; 8,195 mm length, 2,135 mm width, 2,420 mm height for CBC body type for 4,800 mm and the FSD body type with 4,800 mm wheelbase is 8,405 mm long, 2,250 mm width and 2,240 high.

The Gross Vehicle Weight of all the body based variants is same 9,600 kg and so is the kerb weight with 3,690 kg. The load body length options for different body type variants is 17, 19 and 21 feet.

Handling and Suspension

Available with Hydraulic power assisted steering, Bharatbenz 914 offers much ease to drivers on uneven Indian roads. The Leaf Spring type suspension at both front and rear ends, Double Acting Telescopic Shock Absorber at front and option of Anti Roll bar at both ends also ensure better driving with less hiccups. Making it even better, the front Heavy Duty Forged I Beam Reverse Elliot Type and rear Fully Floating Hypoid Gear axle are available to support the suspension too.

Braking and Safety

Braking has been cared well in Bharatbenz 914 with front and rear Drum brakes, Pneumatic Foot Operated Dual Line All Wheel Acting Service brakes, Pneumatically Operated Spring Parking brakes and exhaust brakes as the secondary one. The Fog Lights and Seat Belts also enhance the safety of occupants.

Design and Comfort

Being an entry level truck, there is not much to offer in terms of design and comfort for Bharatbenz 914, instead of a few things like long member size cabin of dimension 228x8x6 (HxWxT). However, with the cabin, there is Driver Information Display available to read and analyze trip data for increase profit share. Titlable steering and adjustable driver seat are other important features available.


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