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Overview India’s second largest commercial vehicle manufacturer Ashok Leyland has many trucks in its fleet with ECOMET series being one of the most prominent... ASHOK LEYLAND ECOMET 1212 TRUCK – 2012



India’s second largest commercial vehicle manufacturer Ashok Leyland has many trucks in its fleet with ECOMET series being one of the most prominent load carriers. ECOMET series has 4 trucks and 1212 Strong is the most famous among the goods transporters and distributors.

Developed to conquer the rugged Indian roads, flexible supply demands and to run on low maintenance, ECOMET 1212 is the best option in Indian commercial vehicle sphere. Available in 4 wheelbase options, it could easily carry Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) 12,900 kg.


Engine – H Series 4 Cylinder Turbocharged Intercooled

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) – 12,900 kg

Wheelbase Options – 2,850 mm, 3,970 mm, 4,200 mm and 4,750 mm

Power Steering – Yes

Engine and Performance

Fitted with H Series 4 Cylinder Turbocharged Intercooled 3,660 cc engine, ECOMET 1212 Strong is good to produce 120 hp power @ 2,400 rpm and a maximum torque of 392 Nm @ 1,600 rpm.

Paired with Synchromesh 6-speed OD gearbox, this truck could hit the top speed of 91.4 km/h with a decent gradeability of 25.6%. It also has a 330 mm diameter Single Plate Dry-Type Hydraulic Actuation clutch to make the overall gear-shifting and power transmission process smoother.

Vehicle Built and Load Capacity

Available in 4 wheelbase options of 2,850 mm (A), 3,970 mm (B), 4,200 mm (C) and 4,750 mm (D), ECOMET 1212 Strong can fulfill the need of any distributor, i.e. Small level or at large scale. With the different loading span of 11.4 feet, 17.2 feet, 19 feet and 22 feet for options A, B, C and D respectively, the truck could not only be a good option to carry good from a warehouse to city areas, but can travel to nearby cities too.

Overall length for A, B, C and D wheelbase options is 5,332 mm, 7,088 mm, 7,663 mm and 8,558 mm while the ground clearance and Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) are same, i.e. 232 mm and 12,900 kg. Also, the fuel tank capacity of 212 Liters and BS-III emission norms make ECOMET 1212 Strong compatible for long journeys without affecting the environment much.

Handling and Suspension

Ashok Leyland has always been a pioneer in terms of providing best-in-class comfort to truck drivers and fellow passengers. Talking about ECOMET 1212 Strong, it is provided with Shackle ended suspension system to reduce bumps during the drive. Having Power Steering option also makes it easier for driver to maneuver truck on any given road in all directions.

Ensuring further truck balance while it’s loaded fully are I-section Reverse Elliot type front axle and Fully Floating 60SHO rear axle.

Braking and Safety

Driving a truck is never easy and a little ignorance can cause havoc on the road. To ensure that Ashok Leyland drivers get maximum safety and make it safer for others on road, ECOMET 1212 Strong is equipped with newly developed responsive Full Air Dual Line S-Cam brakes and Spring Actuated Pneumatic parking brakes.

ECOMET 1212 Strong’s cabin is also made up of high quality steel with its frame having all steel ladder type base along bolted construction to further improve the safety.

Design and Comfort

Detailing the design, there is not much to talk about as truck in India are not aesthetically evolved. However, ECOMET 1212 has new look cabin with good lighting.

Inside, there are standard seats and the overall design is ergonomic with only essential features like instrument cluster and a few buttons.


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